Let the Games Begin - Terrance Joseph Kosikar - Final Chapter

* OUR WORK IS DONE .. GOODBYE CANADA ** ( sad face )
Now boarding flight LH937 back to Germany, to finish writing the final Chapter of my book ..“Let the Games Begin”.
Nearly 2 years ago, I recall sitting under my gazebo a broken man, not a penny to my name, I had lost everything, my family, my friends, my career, my sanity, as I had just climbed down off the Lions Gate bridge from my 3rd and final attempt at trying to end my life only days earlier.

I looked up into the universe for my strength, as it was obvious to me that I still had work to do on this earth as a human, ending my life was NOT an option any longer.
Time to get my ass in gear, and take the many, many years of trying to survive (uneducated) with a wound that was not visible #PTSD, but yet quite vivid in my every day life, my mind, my shattered spirit, my every heartbeat bled nothing but nervousness, stress, depression, anxiety and a deeper depth of darkness than words will ever describe.
It had taken a few weeks, and a lot of hard work to battle though my usual, ever so easy to escape, self medication tool – drugs, and its brutal withdrawals to realize, that it was simply my environment that kept me from getting better and getting the help that I needed not only from within – from from a much higher power.
I sat one morning after my meditation as it dawned on me that , maybe I should write a book , and the answers to my destiny will soon fall into place?
Was I prepared to have a very large X on my back for the rest of my life for writing this book?
Absolutely was, after 3 suicide attempts, I had nothing more to loose and felt in my heart that all I had endured had to be shared to help myself heal and help those who may also be trying to survive the same life I had led for so long shackled in chains, and waking each day to the same nightmare, the same vicious cycle that often leads us to the end of our ropes or even worse, self tourcher consuming all the meds and street drugs self medicating our wounds – numbing our minds – further separating our spirit from ourselves.
I had called a publishing company 2 years ago asking for a grant to write my book.
They said to me, I needed to give them my first chapter, middle chapter and my final chapter edited and book ready and they would consider giving me a grant..
I banged out my first chapter, middle chapter and got to the final chapter and thought, when I do release this book , and maybe end up shot one day because of it, is this how I want my book or the movie to end…with only a simple story of how I escaped the grasps of evil, a life riddled with addiction, heartache, and loss, as I ran off into the mountains and got my life back, naturally ?
I asked myself , if I had went to watch this movie or read this book i’d want my dam money back , how lame , after all that I had endured in life, THIS IS HOW IT ENDS ..this is my final chapter?
So, I slammed the pages down, stood up strong, proud, and looked up into the universe, thankful, grateful for my life today , and said to myself, I have a opportunity today to make the BEST DAM final chapter to my own book, I am in control of my destiny, I have a gift of life today that is not governed by laws, rules, or judgements from anybody.
I AM FREE, and strong today, as are YOU, to do what I, or we wish to do with our lives and to live my own dream, to chase my own goals, to do as I wish today for ME, and the desire to simply help, and educate as many people as possible who may still be suffering in silence, and the selfless need to connect with those people and offer support, love, compassion, along with healthy natural tools that we can all use to heal, and enjoy our life today one day at a time.
The training began, and all my dreams and goals went straight onto the pages, I had found my purpose – something to drive for, the need to help others get their lives back the same way I did, Naturally, but how was I going to do this ?
I had not a penny to my name, and had no idea how to use the internet, my tires on jeep were bald as, and I was 100’s of kms away from people, without food, no heat, but I did have a dream and I focused on it.
I could NOT change yesterday, and tomorrow wasn’t here yet, so I had no choice but to LIVE IN THE NOW – Lebe das Jetzt !
Now, 2 years later I’m off to #Germany, to spend the next few months, excited to be writing the final chapter many dreams and goals that I never thought were possible, until I just set both feet firmly onto the ground, believed in myself, and took one small step after the other, never allowing anything to get in the way – NOTHING
I assure you, after these past 2 years, of just reaching out, asking for help, admitting and accepting to myself for me and turing all of my downfalls into strengths, and forgive those who I feel may have done me wrong over time, have learned one thing for sure…this is NOT THE FINAL CHAPTER , but rather only just the beginning, and have really learned that , there is a lot more support from so many people out there – we just have to be #humble, set our #ego aside, let our guard down and ask for it.
IT’S NOT WEAK to SPEAK #itsnotweaktospeak
Without the genuine support, and #compassion from so many, (YOU) I’d still be sitting in the middle of the backcountry mountains with NOTHING.
You have a dream, and a goal also .. I know you do, we all do -THEN GO FOR IT – #NO #EXCUSES – anything is possible as long we can be stronger than our worst enemy – our minds – drive with your heart and soul and you will never be defeated.
The secret = $0.00
Connect truly with others from your heart,
#Believe in yourself.. and #LOVE YOURSELF
Thank you, to all of you, who have believed in me, and have helped support my dreams and goals, none of this would be possible without YOU –
Be sure to join us this Feb 12, 2017, as we are declaring it now .. NATIONAL PTSD AWARENESS DAY, Because we can, and JUST DID !!
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Global News coverage from our event this weekend

Here’s just the beginning of this weekend’s huge success from the Breaking the Chains BC team of volunteers who came down to help us raise awareness to PTSD and support those with Mental Illness .

stay tuned all week for the amazing story ..

Helping the helpers - Pique Magazine feature story - Changes proposed to help first responders through PTSD

In February 2010, all eyes were on British Columbia. Specifically, Vancouver and Whistler. With over $7 billion spent to bring the Winter Olympic and Paralympic…

Source: Helping the helpers

MOST BAD ASS CUSTOM CHOPPER / Mainhattan Choppers Germany

What do you get when you put a German, a Englishman, a Canadian, and a South African together? TEAMWORK , TEAMWORK , TEAMWORK – ‪#‎family‬

4 months ago, I had the pleasure of getting my hands on a brand new Harley Davidson 2100cc for a few minutes.

As of today, Ian Alderton has just about finished this bike he has built from the ground up. Nice work brother.

The Breaking The Chains BC has completed

Whistler, BC; Mar. 19, 2016: The final km from the memorial of Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, at Whistler's Olympic Plaza to Skiers Plaza with Terrance Kosikar on his journey to raise awareness for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) ; While wearing 52 pounds of solid steel chain and battling northern British Columbia’s brutal winter conditions and passing through 12 avalanche paths, he will be flipping a 400 pound tractor tire across 7 back-country mountains in the Cayoosh Range in the interior of British Columbia. Photo: Joern Rohde/www.joernrohde.com
Whistler, BC; Mar. 19, 2016: The final km from the memorial of Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, at Whistler’s Olympic Plaza to Skiers Plaza with Terrance Kosikar on his journey to raise awareness for PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) ; While wearing 52 pounds of solid steel chain and battling northern British Columbia’s brutal winter conditions and passing through 12 avalanche paths, he will be flipping a 400 pound tractor tire across 7 back-country mountains in the Cayoosh Range in the interior of British Columbia. Photo: Joern Rohde/www.joernrohde.com

Now that I have finished my journey flipping the tire to bring awareness to PTSD, I am going to be putting my efforts into Camp My Way where people suffering from PTSD will be able to come to heal themselves naturally. Please visit the website Camp My Way to follow my journey battling PTSD and to learn more about what you can do to help as well as find resources to help yourself if you’re battling PTSD yourself.

See you there!


Final Kilometer of Flipping The Tire!

The Lion, peeks his heavy head out of his den this morning, eyes tired, back broken, knees and ligaments torn beyond repair. He grins and gently bears his teeth with a smile and a soft PRRRR.
He looks up into the beauitful universe and is grateful for his strength he has been given to walk this earth today and sacrifice his mind, body and soul each day to continue this ongoing battle to bring more awareness to Post Traumatic Stress, and try and help those who are suffering in complete silence right now, as they lay shackled to the deepest darkest depths of the devil’s belly. Flicks tail back and forth.

Two years ago, After my third denial from WCB for a PTSD claim, I lay in a hospital bed after breaking my pelvis in half. Told I may never walk again.
Terrance Kosikar broken pelvis
I found this post on the internet and I recall looking out of the hospital window and asked the universe for the strength to please let me walk again, and I would do everything I could to honour Nodar Kumaritashvilis’ life and do my best one day to make more people aware of the signs and symptoms of PTSD so they don’t have to suffer the way I had for so many years along the way.

Article – http://www.telegraph.co.uk

One day, I will walk again, one day I will honor this 21 year old boy Nodar Kumaritashvili, who died in my hands and somehow simply ask the world to take 3 minutes to remember his life as a human being and ask those beautiful people to look up into the universe and thank him for sacrificing his life for me today to help bring more awareness to ‪#‎PTSD‬.

T O D A Y , is that day !!

After all the suffering, all the flips of the tire, and 4 attempted suicides I only ask this of you – take 3 minutes to remember him and SHARE THIS POST.

In memory of Nodar Kumaritashvili

I assure you, this is only just the beginning of the path we will walk together to help save many lives and prevent many more from living in the darkness. www.campmyway.com

All you have to do is S H A R E

Terrance Kosikar honours Nodar Kumaritashvili

Speak softly and carry a big stick

“Speak softly and carry a big stick”

A proverb quoted by Theodore Roosevelt as a brief statement of his approach to foreign policy.

“Speak softly and carry 52 pounds of solid steel chain and a BIG TIRE”

A proverb quoted by Terrance Joseph Kosikar as a brief statement of his approach to bring more awareness to ‪#‎ptsd‬

Today, we arrived at our tires to find someone has stolen all of our chains. Who would do something like this? Why would someone do something like this?

Our normal reaction would be stand up and fight, get to the bottom of it and bury these people, but those days are over now and we are on a new path, a new journey and with this test that the universe has thrown at us, we humbly sat and prayed for those people who stole our chains.

Within an hour of our forgiving these thieves, a Native man emerged out of the woods. He’s from the St’át’imc Nation. He brings us something very special that the native people call “st`wan”, wind dried salmon. Mr Lendard Adolf also brought us apples and left us a few dollars for eggs and bread to eat this week.

Hours later a man named Brian Edwards of the St’át’imc Nation brought the Lion and the Wolf, 2 cases of bottled water to keep us hydrated for our journey.

You see, when you take a few minutes each day to thank the universe and be grateful to mother nature and the land we walk on, and forgive those who do us wrong… only good things can come of it.

VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the members of St’át’imc Nation for feeding the Lion, the Wolf and an ol English Bulldog.

Please show your respect and support to St’át’imc Nation by SHARING THIS POST

Shape Shifter

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.19.11 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.25.10 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.31.39 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 8.39.19 PM

Feel the Roar! Join us Saturday March 19th to raise awareness of PTSD!



Join the Lion and the Wolf on Saturday March 19th 11 am to help us bring more awareness to PTSD and motivate those who suffer with alcohol and substance abuse.

Bring a tire big or small, flip with us or march with us, and show those who are suffering that they are NOT ALONE.

We need your help to Break the Chains that shackle those who suffer in silence.

In memory of Nodar Kumaritashvili, Georgian Olympic Luge Athlete


St’át’imc Nation
Whistler Fire Rescue
Whistler RCMP
BC Ambulance

PROUDLY Sponsored by

Kal Tire Lilloette Summit Lodge
Escape Route Scandinave Spa
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Joern Rohde Photograpghy

HELP US — Break The Chains of PTSD, Addiction and Alcohol abuse.

Appreciate what you have!


Good morning,

Just finished a beautiful, peaceful meditation up here in the middle of the forest after getting a nice fire going (baby chicks still chirping …awwww)

I wanted to be sure I send you a strong, warm hug and thank YOU my Friends out there who not only are supporting me, but also that believe in me and this journey WE are on to bring more awareness to those who are suffering today and may not be doing so well mentally.

I ask you take 20 seconds right now and simply believe in the power of positive thought, and close your eyes and think about sending a warm hug to those who maybe sitting in silence right now that need our help.

Thank you , that was easy, give yourself a hug and remember one thing today..

Every step you take, with each breath you breathe and with every heartbeat is a precious moment in time.. live today for the moment, nothing else matters, and appreciate ONLY what you have in your life today, and not what you THINK you need or want. We already have all that we need… the gift of life, health and strength and just one more day on this earth as a human being.