last spring PRE TRAINING video

PRE-TRAINING video I had made for my sponsors this last summer.

I am still currently training 3 – 5 hours per day 6 days per week, until our launch of this program on Feb 12th, 2016.

My best little buddy Meathead will also be joining me on this journey, he loves his tire as much as I do. (I miss you Porkchop daddy see ya soon lil buddy) haha

Special Thank you goes to Mr Larry Falcon of Escape Route (Whistler) and Mr Doug DeYagher of the Scandinave Spa (Whistler) for your supporting me through getting my life back… much respect my brothers.

Lebe das Jetzt !!

'We have a safe track; now we can start the Olympics", Dyrdahl would say later. "and that was a mistake."

nodar memorial

Blood from Kumaritashvili’s head wounds trickled over the fingers of Terrance Kosikar as the medic, firefighter and snow patroller gave the luger mouth-to-mouth.

“I was just doing my job,” Kosikar would say later

The post you are about to read is an article I found on the internet posted online back on Feb 15th 2010, by the Sydney Morning Herald . Everything I have to share over the next 37 days is 100 % factual and related to my personal experience in surviving PTSD.

I am posting these articles pre social media launch (Jan 6th 2016) to earn your trust and so you can learn the truth before you make a life saving decision weather or not you wish to help all Emergency Service Providers who suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. You can help now by simply just reading and when you feel comfortable with the story, please share it with as many people as you know.

We risk our lives every minute of everyday to help those in need. I am speaking on behalf of every fireman, paramedic, policeman and soldier worldwide when I say, “please spare just 7 minutes of your day and just read this story”. Simply hearing this story till the end will give YOU the opportunity to help save our lives also.

FACT – 2015 YEAR TO DATE: 38 first responders and 12 military members have died by suicide. Between April 29 and December 31, 2014: 27 first responders died by suicide. In 2014, 19 military personnel died by suicide.(

I personally thank you for your time today , now here’s the article: (more…)

Dec 27 / 15

I've Got Your Back 911 - Germany
Meeting with Mr. Peter Dietz of the Bad Homburg Fire Dept. December 2015

Guten morgen from Germany, I hope you’re enjoying the holiday season with your family and friends.

Please note that between Jan 6-10th, 2016 I will be starting to share a little bit of my story from my book. My team of volunteers and I are currently editing and will be ready to publish and release on Feb 12th – 2016. This is also the date which I start my journey, flipping my tire 30 kms in 30 days. (more…)