Travelling - Germany - Montreal

Sorry for the delay in my blog but I am currently travelling from ~ Frankfurt Germany via Montreal Quebec Canada.

On this journey I am also editing a VERY SPECIAL video, that due to travelling country to country, time changes, sleep and training, and lack of knowing what I’m doing on these plastic devices (chuckles) could take up to 48 hours to complete.

In the meantime, here’s a short fun clip of my best little buddy Meathead, on day 2 of our setting a new goal this last summer 2015 – heading to the top of White Cap Mountain.

When Meathead and I shot this clip in April 2015, the name Breaking the Chains BC was not even born yet.

Flipping my tire, being with my best little buddy Meathead and being in a natural surrounding with ZERO distractions was one of my ways of dealing with PTSD at the time.

No it wasn’t easy, but we set a new goal each day, I had the love and support from my best little buddy, and we had zero distractions to living in that day and that day ONLY.

We didn’t think about tomorrow nor did we worry about yesterday. All we had to worry about was living in a natural setting, listening to the birds tweet tweet tweeting, absorbing the smell and sound of nature really helped me each day, one day at a time.

Excuse me for now please as I get back to working on this next very special video.

Again, thank you for your patience, and for taking a few minutes today to listen, read or watch what I am saying.


Yes, Meathead will be helping us raise awareness to PTSD on Feb 12th 2016, only 1 month away…

Current training time each day, 3 – 9 hours

Thank you for your patience,

Terrance, Meathead

**WARNING**Truth is told, may be disturbing to some viewers.

Please keep in mind, what you are about to hear in this video is simply the straight up raw truth.I am NOT a wolf in sheeps clothing, what you see is what you get.(this part of my story happened 28 years ago) and is vital to you understanding what Post Traumatic Stress is and where it stems from period.

Today was a GREAT day, you’ll understand more what I mean by that in the next 30 days as this story unfolds.


Thank you for your time today you took to watch this, please help me share.


Terrance Kosikar

Most sincere apology

I’ve been up now 25 hours straight working on today’s video

and due to lack of skill at editing this amazing clip I have for you,

I am unable deliver today’s story .

I must now rest, as I need to be up in a few hours for yet another long day.

Thank you for your patience, again please keep in mind I am a little behind in the times, and am only now trying to figure out how to use a computer.

Again, I’m sorry for the delay.

breakingthechains facebook-2

Terrance Kosikar




Today was the GREATEST day ever…

I wish I could tell you all about it, but time is ticking fast and I need to focus 110% on editing this video I’m making for you for the 6th.

Don’t worry, today’s amazing day with yet another extremely special and compassionate new sponsor was all caught on film.

It will take me a bit to edit that also, but please excuse me while I continue working on this clip.

Ahh life’s sooo good when you just know you’re on the right path.

Again, forgive me but, I have no staff, no editors, no budget, nothing but the hours I spend each day volunteering to help others, then another full shift working on this computer to bring YOU the most amazing, motivational, inspirational story you’ve ever heard.

VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Mainhattan Custom Choppers Frankfurt for today, see you guys 8am to actually paint that brand new Harley Davidson engine you allowed me to work on today!

Looking forward to getting married tommorrow, hahaha


Terrance Kosikar

Every dark night, brings a new day

I sit here in tears right now, just as I have all week listening to this song now at least 736 times (click below to listen)

I have been sitting at these 2 computers now for the last week, countless hours each day between volunteering at the Beinheirt Hofgut ranch, training 3 hrs per day and meeting new sponsors.

I sit here in tears right now, just as I have all week listening to this song now at least 736 times while gathering and editing HOURS of footage and 100’s of pictures for my social media launch on Jan 6th.

I;m sitting here thinking, what to post today and it dawned on me, why not share this beautiful song I’m working on editing, and share my tears with you.

Close your eyes for 3 minutes (or watch) and let your mind drift to a beautiful place..YOUR place of peace and happiness.

Take this time also as you listen, and think of your time over the holidays with your loved ones, your Christmas dinners and entering a new year.

Focus on what you have in your life today, smile and be grateful.

Song – With every dark night, brings a new day!

Sent with a smile,

Terrance Kosikar

Life is 10 percent what happens to YOU

fireman with banner

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how YOU respond to it !!

I sincerely hope the start of your new year is as beautiful as the sun rises.

Today I showed up at the Beinhart Hofgut ranch, and the boss Gregoir says to me, “Yuk, what a shitty day, I hate the rain “.

I stood there, ankle deep in stank ass mud and horse shit, smiled and said, “Ahhh come on brother, without the rain, the trees wouldn’t grow and flowers wouldn’t blossom”.

I tilted my head back in the pouring rain, and thanked the universe for her showers, I smiled and say to him, “Next time you wake up and look outside and it’s raining and your first thought is, ah what a shitty day, then sure, you’ll most certainly have a shitty day”

No matter what the weather , tell yourself it’s a beautiful, and enjoy what you’re given,  one more day on this earth as a human,  and yeah, even the rain!

Life is what we make of it ,,,one step, one day at a time.

Terrance ( smiles)

Vladimir says, “We want Nodar to remain in people’s hearts.”

Winter Olympics 2014: Nodar Kumaritashvili’s family live with tragedy

The family of Nodar Kumaritashvili, the Georgian killed in a luge accident prior the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, still struggle to come to terms with the tragedy

nodar father memorial
Never forget: David Kumaritashvili, father of Nodar, stands at the grave of his son in Bakuriani, Georgia Photo: AP

While the world’s best luge sliders prepare with all their dreams still in front of them, just hours before the Winter Olympics opens here in Sochi on Friday, 300 miles away across the mountains of the Caucasus the reflection of this day can only resurrect a nightmare.

For in the little Georgian skiing village of Bakuriani, a family will gather together once more to quietly remember and reflect on the beautiful boy they lost in the last true Olympic tragedy. (more…)