This post brings many tears to my eyes …

3 weeks ago while I was in Victoria, I had received an email from a man, thanking the Breaking the Chains BC team for helping save his life during a PTSD Awareness event we had just completed only 2 days prior.

I asked the man to please call me ASAP, and gave him my phone number.
Within minutes, I answered the call from a man named Rand Vance.

He explained that his life had been pretty rough over the years, since a young age (will not get into details in this post) and this was a special day for him because he was handed one of our flyers from one of our very dedicated PTSD WARRIORS.

He looked up our website and learned more about what we we’re doing to help support those who suffer in silence and are living with Post Traumatic Stress. He went through many of our past videos and was very inspired by our message, and felt he was NOT ALONE, and could reach out to us.

So he did.

After hearing Rand Vance story, it had touched my heart so much, that we at Breaking the Chains BC decided that day to do ANOTHER #PTSD / #mentalhealth program for Aug 20th (this past weekend).

Now the second best part of the story, I had opened my facebook the next day to see that Rand had taken it upon himself to start doing the #22pushupchallange and help raise awareness to the 22 soldiers who die by suicide in America each day who suffer with PTSD.

I had watched his video of day one, trying to do his 22 push ups ..and it brought so many tears to my eyes, after hearing his life story and here he was now raising awareness himself to PTSD and dong his best to do so …upon watching him struggle and bang out 14 of his 22 push-ups ..that was the best he could do …it confirmed my personal belief that ..I had now found MY HERO.

I gave him my word on the phone a few days earlier that we would meet in person and we would do another PTSD awareness program on Aug 20th.

Now the best part, Rand Vance shows up 1 hour early on Aug 20th and tells me he doesn’t feel comfortable in crowds and that he’s afraid of being in large groups.

I explained to him as the bus loads of warriors showed up, that WE ARE ALL THERE TO SUPPORT each other and connect together.

Rand, still explained to me that he was not comfortable with so many people around him. I put my paw on his shoulder, looked him in he eyes, and assured him ..he is safe, and in good hands as I looked up to the universe above and smiled.

The video you’re about to watch says it all, as I have no words that will ever describe how it feels to have watched Rand lead over 70 Warriors doing 22 push ups to raise awareness to the 22 soldiers who die by suicide each day in America.

Thank you Rand Vance, you Sir are not only MY HERO, but a huge inspiration to all.

Global News coverage from our event this weekend

Here’s just the beginning of this weekend’s huge success from the Breaking the Chains BC team of volunteers who came down to help us raise awareness to PTSD and support those with Mental Illness .

stay tuned all week for the amazing story ..

Breaking the Chains BC - with MLA Shane Simpson - Legislature building

Breaking the Chains BC was invited to the Legislature Building in Victoria BC to have lunch with MLA Shane Simpson, the man who tabled Bill M203 the Presumption of Illness.

We had an amazing talk about our petition, prevention, mental health and addiction, support and recovery.

You’re invited to join us in Stanley Park, English Bay to help us raise awareness to PTSD and support those who suffer with Mental Illness.


NASA: Hubble Space Telescope Captures Remarkable Image

Government officials report that, “THE LION IS BACK HOME”.
Mr. Terrance Joseph Kosikar was spotted putting a tarp over his Harley Davidson just a few days ago, and was then seen jumping up into his jeep and heading off into the backcountry mountains of Beautiful British Columbia Canada where he is known to reside off the grid, deep into the wilderness away from all the laws, rules, and plastic electronic devices humans call “tools” today.

Government agencies have been following Mr. Kosikar since he left his remote backcountry cabin back in early April after completing his ‪#‎PTSD‬ awareness program he calls Breaking the Chains BC.

Reports say, that Kosikar flew over to Germany, in April this year to work closely with Mr. Peter Dietz, Chief Commander of the Bad Homburg Fire Dept, and Mr.Michael Dietz of the Bad Homburg Ambulance service to learn more about how they PREVENT their Firemen, Paramedics, Police Officers, Dispatch 911 agents, and Corrections Officers from suffering with PTSD and what they are doing that makes it so that, to date in the last 20 years, NOT ONE First Responder has died by suicide who has been diagnosed with #PTSD.

In Canada, just this year alone 37 of our Canadian First Responders have taken their own lives and left many children and families behind without any help or support.
Kosikar says “PREVENTION training programs and SUPPORT” is key in Germany.
When a First Responder asks for help, he or she is not questioned or made to spend years trying to prove their PTSD is work related and it is automatically presumed to be work related so they get the help the MINUTE they ask for it. Unlike here in Canada.

While in Germany, Kosikar had the opportunity to meet The Deputy Commanding General of the US Army Europe, Brigadier General Phillip Jolly, Secretary of the Interior of the Federal State of Hesse, Peter Beuth Commander of the 18th Military Police Brigade and Director, G34 Protect Directorate, and Provost Marshal, United States Army Europe, Colonel Arturo Horton and if I am not mistaken one of the delegates of Hesse in the European Parliament of Brussels,Thomas Mann. Thanks to Jerry Sigmund and Jerry Sigmund Sr. who helped Kosikar raise awareness to PTSD at a Harley Davidson Motorcycle rally called Magic Bike in Rudiseim Germany. ( watch video –

While flipping his tire with his close friends from Mainhattan Choppers, through over 15,000 bikers, Kosikar had got a call from a friend at North American Fire Fighter Veteran Network, who suggested we start talking to more of the Canadian public and asking them to help us make the necessary changes with WCIB, before we continue to lose more of our Emergency Service Providers.

It was suggested to Kosikar that he bring his tire and chains over the the Legislature building on July 1st Canada Day to inform the public that WCIB is NOT helping our First Responders who are suffering with PTSD get the help they need, and ask the public to help sign a petition BILL M203 Presumption of Illness.
Special thanks to Mike Kelly and Colin Smith at the Victoria Buzz, who ran our story, we had gained over 2700 signatures within 12 hours of the news release.
read story – http://victoriabuzz.com/…/man-chains-flipping-tire-legisla…/
watch vid from July 1st Canada Day – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJMHRsLvh5o

After completing this successful awareness Program, Kosikar was exhausted but felt it would have been selfish to just go home, his work was not finished so, he decided to do yet another #PTSD, mental health program and get even more signatures and help from the Canadian public. This time though, Kosikar needed REAL HELP ..he knew he was up for a long 2 day battle this time and had already been on the road now for months, tired, broken, and mentally drained.

It didn’t take long for him to know exactly where he would find REAL WARRIORS, men who didn’t just talk a big talk, but rather REAL MEN who could walk the walk.
Terrance Joseph Kosikar, called a good friend of his, Mr. Stacy Wilson Twc, Executive Director of the Together We Can – Addiction Recovery & Education Society and asked if he could come in and talk with the men who were all in the early stages of recovery to ask them for their help and support to flip his tire around English Bay and enjoy being IN THE MOMENT with Kosikar, and help raise more awareness to PTSD, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Recovery and not only get 1000 more signatures, but also show those who still suffer in silence that they are NOT alone.
Radek Drozdowicz produced/ directed and edited this video from that program last week – watch now – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwrgrsgOOoY

CTV news from same program – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYhDY_6RbJ8
Kosikar says that his email account is now buckling at it’s seams with the over whelming amount of positive response from so many people across Canada.
Just as Kosikar was on his way home, he had received yet another very important email. This time from a Member of the Legislative Assembly NDP Shane Simpson – asking Kosikar to join him for lunch in his office at the Legislature building in Victoria BC.
watch that video now – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VsKLblJYkk8
produced and edited by Radek Drozdowicz

While in Victoria, Mr Kosikar was greeted by a new good friend Mr. Jonathan Sheldon, a 25 year Police Officer with the Victoria Police dept. They talked for many hours and look forward to meeting again soon to start in on some prevention programs that Kosikar has suggested we start to put in place in late Sept of this year.
Terrance heard though a anonymous source that Mr. Sheldan is potentially looking into asking a few Mounties to lead the next PTSD awareness program on Aug 20th, in English Bay.

Unfortunately , Mr Kosikars sat phone has lost signal as he seems to be out of range now for any further comments. Just before the sat phone signal was lost, THE LION said that he looks forward to just putting down the cameras, computers, cell phones, facebook, blogs, emails, websites, newspapers, magazines and really just wanted to hike up to the top of a beautiful mountain and Thank the universe for his life, his health, his strength, and just another day on this earth as a human being and be grateful for all the beautiful people and sponsors who have helped support him on this amazing journey over the last few months.


VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE from a Lion and NDP/MLA Politican Shane Simpson -to ALL CANADIANS

FACT – Canadian First Responders are dying by suicide at a rate of 1 per week.
If we the public wait until May 2017 for Bill M203 to get tabled and passed, this means another 41 of our Canadian Police Officers, Paramedics, Fireman, Dispatch 911 agents, Military, and Corrections Officers will have taken their own lives , and will leave their families behind without ANY help from the government.

WE NEED YOUR HELP, its time to talk to the Premier Christy Clark, and help the men and women who risk their lives and their families mental health everyday from simply doing their job.

Every week we wait, or assume someone else will just do the work or make the calls …we will loose another human being.

When WE, the PUBLIC, need a policeman, and a paramedic, or a fireman, or even just call 911 …we get the service without any questions asked…now..ITS OUR TURN to return the service to other human beings who are suffering and are contemplating taking their own life.

Our LIFE IS NOT FOR THE TAKING – ITS FOR THE GIVING …please  help give a few minutes of your time to sign our petition and make some calls to the Premier. Hon. Christy Clark – (250) 387-1715


FIRST STEP HOPE - PTSD / Mental Health Recovery -

Reports just in –

A very determined Lion has been spotted far away from his remote backcountry forest, as he was invited into the Legislature Building in Victoria British Columbia to have lunch with a Member of the Legislative Assembly Mr. Shane Simpson.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.59.01 PM

Together, the Powerful Beast, joins forces with a Powerful Politician ( MLA Shane Simpson) as they discuss future plans to bring more support to First Responders who suffer with PTSD and for those who suffer in silence with Mental Health concerns.

The First Step to PTSD , Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Recovery ..is HOPE.


This is the first time in Breaking the Chains BC history where we finally have a team of professional editors, producers on board to have created this amazing first step in our future documentary.

this video speaks for itself in many ways – Thank you for your time and helping us Share this next event .